Robert DuHamel

Why does the moon reflect sunlight as if it were flat? What is the fatal flaw in the GPS system? Come along as I explore these and many other questions.

The moon looks flat and scientists didn't know why.

A fully illuminated sphere has dark, indistinct edges, but the moon is bright right to the edge. One NASA scientist predicted what lunar landers would find because of this phenomenon. Learn why the spherical moon reflects light as if it were flat.


The Fatal Flaws in the GPS System.

The GPS system requires that the satellites and receivers all have super accurate synchronized clocks. However, prohibitive costs and special relativity make this impossible. How did engineers make it work?


Groundhog Day, the Joke's on You

Groundhog day was not always February 2nd. When was it and how was the whole thing a joke?.


The Potato Paradox

Remove 1% of the water from 100 pounds of potatoes, and they lose 50 pounds of weight. How can this be? Find out how this trick question works.


The Wave-particle Duality of Light Illusion

Is it a wave? Is it a particle? It depends on how you look at it. See how modern theories zero in on this strange behavior?


Aircrash Minority Report

Little known facts about famous aircraft crashes. Read the stories. Watch the videos.